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Poskytování osobní ochrany ženou jako rodinným osobním strážcem v podmínkách ČR

Poskytování osobní ochrany ženou jako rodinným osobním strážcem v podmínkách ČR

Hana Talandová | 1. 12. 2012 0:00:00
Zařazení: Bezpečnost|Číslo 2/2012|Ostatní

Hana Talandova, Milan Adámek

Tomas Bata University in Zlin
Faculty of Applied Informatics
Nam T.G. Masaryka 5555, 760 01 Zlin
Czech Republic

talandova@fai.utb.cz, adamek@fai.utb.cz

Abstract: This article is focused on activities of women as the family bodyguard in the Czech Republic. Describes family bodyguard as a person and the equipment needed to perform personal protection. There is also mentioned prevention specialist and its connection to family bodyguard.

Keywords: family bodyguard, protection, prevention specialist

1. Introduction

In the commercial security industry, we often encounter with bodyguards [1], detectives, security personnel, or transportation of cash and valuables [2]. When you say family bodyguard (hereafter FB), most of people is unable to imagine what the job description is. It could be justified by the fact that in the Czech Republic is minimal demand for this kind of service and therefore this term is unknown for broad public.

2. Family bodyguard

Female FB are hired mainly by female clients, both in terms of access any location with the client with better level of stealth, but also they are considered to handle care of children better. Female FB are also hired by lot of male clients, due to higher levels of charm and stealth than a male FB. Very often in this kind of situations are female FB presented as assistants.

The role of FB is protection of the client and his family. FBs are usually hired by upper middle class. Reasons for hiring FB are different. Common reasons are anonymous phone call and letters with threatening content, danger caused by parent’s employment and in the worst case earlier kidnapping of a member of the family. It is important that FB is familiar with reason of protection right at the beginning, when the decision of acceptation contract is made. For FB is this reason important to be able to adequately prepare for the impending danger, and also to determine how many details she need to know about the client and his family.

Basic needed information includes the client's name, date of birth, nationality, marital status, mental health, education, his occupation and position in the company, information about competitors, their social status, place of residence, place of workplace and recreation objects . FB will be also interested in the lifestyle, and health. The same information will be needed about family that FB protects and also about family friends.

Clients hire FB either for short period of time when protected persons are guarded 24 hours a day or for a longer period, when protected persons are not guarded 24 hours per day, but only at certain stages of the day which have been determined at the signing of the contract. Furthermore contract contains the period during which is protection conferred, salaries and especially security priorities when the client family is in danger. Safety priorities indicate who should be preferably guarded in case of an emergency.

While providing protection to the client and his family, FB is unable to obtain all necessary information about the places and roads to where the client is going. At this time, the prevention specialist is needed. This person works closely with FB and gets all necessary information about the various routes to the destination, closest hospitals, police, but also the destination itself. Although prevention specialist cooperates with FB closely he is only analyst with access to large amount of various pieces of information.

3. Legislation

Because FB is part of private sector they have no special rights as if it were in the public sector. They must obey the laws and regulations applicable to natural person engaged in the activity for a trade license.

The most important laws for FB or any other bodyguard in private sector are §28 about Necessary Defense and §29 Outmost Indigence of Criminal Code of Law [3], §76 odst. 2 of Criminal Order [4], §2 odst. 2 the Law about Petty Crimes and §126 Civil Code of Law [5].

And among other legal norms, there are:

  • Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms, Constitutional Law No. 2/1993 Coll. as amended
  •  The Constitution of the Czech Republic, Constitutional Law No. 1/ 1993 Coll. as amended
  •  The Civil Code of Law No.40/1964 Coll. as amended
  •  The Commercial Code, The Law number 513/1991Coll. as amended
  •  The Labour Code 65/1965 Coll as amended
  •  The Criminal Code of Law 141/1961 Coll as amended
  •  The Criminal Law, The Law number 140/1961Coll.as amended
  •  The Law about Petty Crimes No. 200/1990 Coll. as amended.
  •  The Law about Personal Data Protection No. 101/2000 Coll. as amended.
  •  The Law about Access to Information, No. 106/1999 Coll. as amended.

List of laws mentioned above is not complete, but each qualified FB is familiar with the entire list of standards which must be followed. In addition, FB can operate under the auspices of the agency and has its own internal rules, which must comply with

Legal norms and regulations are introduced to FB during basic training, which must be completed in the beginning of career. After passing the basic training FB obtain license deed [6] allows him to provide personal protection. The basic training is designed to prepare for the basic situation and get an overview of how to react.

Basic training is combination of special courses and exercises such as physical training, occupational, shooting and special driving training. This basic training is not only physically strenuous, but also is very expensive. After its completion, it is still necessary to train and improve. To further increase and enhance the level of protection provided by FB is passing other courses that are not required to have, but more than convenient. In the end FB gets the needed experience and knowledge, but also the certificates evidencing their acquired skills.

It is up to each of FB how many courses he passes, because more passed courses mean better qualification. FB can be limited only by the financial funds due to courses high costs.

4. Equipment

At the beginning FB face also to other expenses like purchasing of appropriate equipment, comfortable clothes and shoes. This is a large financial demand, which is returned later.

4.1. Clothes and footwear

FB should possess an extensive range of clothing to be able to blend in perfectly and does not protrude from the social environment of the client. If the client is in a higher social position and walk commonly wears a suit, it is necessary to adapt. For female FB it means wearing a suit . It would be extremely inappropriate to wear jeans and shirt. Therefore it is very important that the wardrobe contains large amount of clothes due to adjust the appearance for different events. It is also important to wear high quality, waterproof and breathable and moisture-absorbing materials to prevent the unpleasant smell.

Female FB should wear subtle colours in darker shades such as black, blue, grey or green. It is not appropriate to wear bright red mini dress with a high neckline and high heels. This would be achieved exactly the opposite than merging with the surroundings means. Length of skirts and dresses should be knee length and no deep necklines. Clothing style can be divided into three categories: social, sports and casual wear. For social events is appropriate to wear trouser suit or a skirt suit. For gala night events it is appropriate to wear evening dress and long coat with gloves and purse. Shoes should be lower with wider heel for better movement ability. For sports is chosen wider style clothing, tracksuits and high quality, strong and comfortable shoes.

4.2. Holsters and firearms (pistols)

While providing personal protection FB has a firearm which is carried covertly to remain hidden for the eyes of people around. For this purpose we have specially designed holsters such as: belly bag holster for sports activities (Fig. 1) woman’s purse designed as holster for social events (Fig. 2) and all kinds of holsters that can be attached to a belt for casual wear. Those holsters also prevent losing a firearm during swift movements. Since females are differently shaped than man it is a little harder for them to find place to holster firearm which will be comfortable and concealed at one time. Best location is probably belt on back where pistol can be hidden under jacket or suit (Fig. 3).

Fig. 1. Belly bag holster12

Concealed Carry Basic Hobo Handbag - Click Image to Close

Fig. 2. Woman purse designed as holster13

Fig. 3. Concealed carry holster on back


FB usually carries two pistols, main (primary) and secondary (backup). Main weapon is usually larger, but still from compact series, backup weapon is smaller and used only for short distances. As the main weapon the Taurus PT 111 Millennium can be used (Fig. 4.) [7] and the Ruger LCP (Fig. 5.) [8] can be used as secondary weapon.

Fig. 4. Taurus PT 111 Millenium7

Fig. 5. Ruger LCP8

4.3. Self-defence weapons

To stop immediate attack from close quarters without causing bigger harm is often used OC spray [11]. This is so because of reasonable price, small size and weight, so it can be easily carried permanently. Defence sprays come in various forms, either as an ordinary spray or may be designed for concealed carry as a pen or lipstick.

OC sprays are filled with chemical oleoresin capsicum (OC marked). They are designed to have crippling effects on the eyes, mucous membranes and respiratory system, thus guaranteeing attacker paralysation. OC paralysation effect lasts about 30 minutes. Defensive spray nozzles are further divided to three types - mist, foam and liquid shot. In the market we can find defence sprays in different variants, one of the options is a OC with spray torch, allowing aiming at the attacker and flashing him in the same time during spray application (Fig. 6). During defensive situation you can hit attacker with spray while dazzling him with bright light.

Fig. 6. OC spray with flashlight

Another self-defence weapon is Kubotan [9]. This weapon is usually 13-15 cm long and it is used to increase pressure at sensitive points or nerve endings. Also it can be used to enhance the effect of strikes, when all the energy of strike is concentrated in one point. Kubotan can be made of wood, aluminium, duralumin or steel.

Fig. 7. Kubotan9

4.4. Other equipment

Basic equipment for FB is also communication devices. Only person with who FB stays in contact is the prevention specialist leaving aside possibility of emergency call (police, ambulance, and rescuers). For professional usage mobile phone with handsfree is enough. Since FB constantly communicates with prevention specialist, it is necessary to use mobile phones equipped with encoding and decoding system to prevent the interception.

Another piece of equipment used by FB is bulletproof vest [10]. Although the Czech Republic is not type of country where shots are fired often but, it is appropriate to increase protection for both the client and FB by wearing covert bulletproof vest (FIG. 8). Bulletproof vest covers torso of the body and is made ​​up of several layers, to withstand bullets from small arms and also to be worn in a hidden way.

Fig. 8. Bulletproof vestst10

5. Conclusion

In the Czech Republic, providing personal protection by FB is not used as much as in other countries. One reason being the lack of legal base in the Czech Republic, but also low demand from clients. It could be justified by that the FB did not get into the consciousness of people as the bodyguards did. Even though the FBI and bodyguard have certain aspects of their work similar, Even though the FBI and bodyguard have certain aspects of their work similar, they do differ in some aspects and usually the FB has better qualification for the personal protection.


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